Contour and length are the two imperative things that you may keep an eye out for when you are attempting to trim your beard or stubble. In any case, it is precisely these two regions that fall flat you the vast majority of the circumstances. How frequently have you felt disillusioned at not having accomplished the style that you needed? If you are stressing over these issues, here is some uplifting news for you. BT 5010 Beard Trimmer is one of the new-age devices that will help you take full advantage of your facial hair. We should investigate the components of this trimmer to know more about this item.

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Product overview

If you are searching for a basic beard trimmer which aids you to accomplish incredible styles without attempting excessively, this brilliant beard trimmer is the correct decision for you. Here are some incredible components of this trimmer:


• Blades made from stainless steel that is sharp and tough which accomplishes incredible styling and shapes

• Accompanies 20 flexible length settings, which takes into account a wide range of beard styles, lengths and shapes

• Fueled by double battery that can be utilized for around 50 minutes when completely charged

• Accompanies separable trimming brush that accompanies an exactness of 1mm to 10 mm with 0.50 mm stages, helping you accomplish culminate styling

• Simple and fast cleaning and upkeep

• Can be utilized as both cordless and corded, giving you outrageous solace and adaptability

• Accompanies LED screen which tells you about status of the battery control

• The Ni-NH batteries are rechargeable which are additionally tough and powerful;

• Can be utilized instead of hair scissors, and mostly as a beard trimmer and multi-groomer. It is also a precision trimmer and body hair clipper.

Product advantage

It is the only tool you will need to stay clean and groomed. It is easy to maintain and clean up because it just needs water. The blades are sharp and safe for the skin at the same time. Many beard trimmers which have extra sharp blades can cut skin because of their sharpness. You can get the exact contour and length and you can carry out any kind of style you want. You will not have to stop your trimming session because the tool ran out of power. You can easily plug it back it and continue using as a corded device. It is convenient and handy.


It is reasonable in price and the users love it. You cannot use this to shave your head though. It is best if you want to maintain a stubble look.

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