Conair GMT 900 I Stubble and Facial Trimmer

Conair GMT 900 I Stubble and Facial Trimmer Review


If you are thinking of maintain the five o’clock shadow on yourself, you will have to use the perfect device for that. It is not easy to find a beard trimmer that helps you maintain a stubble. If you are in need of an actual device that can help you preserve the beauty of a stubble look, you should opt for this device. As you can tell from the name, it is perfect for taking care of stubble on a regular basis. Depending on the growth, you can use it daily or between two days’ interval. The good news is that it can also help men who wants to have a moustache or goatee. It is not also useful for maintain g a long beard.

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What’s in the box

• The device itself (beard trimmer)

• Charger

• Carrying case

• Lubricating oil

As you can see that there are no excess accessories or attachments so you do not have to worry about them. It comes with a carrying case, so you can keep it there safely. It is also perfect to take during travel because you can put it in the case. The users love this device because it is able to product a 5’oclock shadow just like they wanted.

Conair GMT 900 I Stubble and Facial Trimmer
Conair GMT 900 I Stubble and Facial Trimmer

It is easy to use and cuts clean and fast. Maintenance is low. Since it is motorized, all you have to do is select the length according to your wish and you will be able to cut the hair. The head can move according to the bends of the face so it is a relaxing way to trim your beard. It is suitable if you have skin irritation from other beard trimmers or razors. It will not pull a single hair.

When you first get it out the box, you have to plug it in for 16 hours. In that way, it will work with in a superior level with high power. It is surprising that many users were disappointed with this. The possible problem could be that

• It is not for those with full or long beard

• After the 16-hour charging time, it becomes to 4 hours. The operation time is only 45 minutes.

• It takes a long time that using clippers and it becomes difficult to operate under the nose even though it has a floating head

Other than that, users love this. One of the most confusing part for men is to decide between a cordless or a corded trimmer. This device takes the complication out because it can be used as both. The blade is not that sharp so it will not cut you so you have no nothing to worry about. If you are not going to keep the beard trimmer clean or oil the blades, it will start to decrease in excellence.

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