Panasonic ER 508

How to use Panasonic ER 508


If you are looking for a washable and rechargeable beard trimmer, the ER 508 from Panasonic is the perfect choice. It has the perfect shape to make it an easy grip and suitable for maneuvering over the face. Here is how you can use it safely.

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1. To mount or remove the blade, hold the trimmer body with the “Panasonic” writing facing upward and exert a force on the blade with the thumb. When carrying out this step, clasp the blade on your other hand. Ensure that the switch is set to “0 charge” before attempting to take away the blade. To get the blade on again the blade, fit the escalating hook into the razorblade mounting on the clipper body and exert a force in until that “clacks”.

Panasonic ER 508
Panasonic ER 508

2. Maintenance of blades is important with not just this device but with all beard trimmers. At all times freshen the blade after every use. Get rid of any hairs that are sticking by rinsing the blade in running water. Wash out any hair that is within the clipper using running water. Shake the clipper four to five times gently, rub off any water drops from the trimmer and blade and then, place it onto a dry towel with the “Washable” indicator facing in the upper direction to let it completely dry. Put in a few drops of the oil to the blades but too much. Attach the blade to the trimmer.

3. Many people try to disassemble the clipper. Some people also want to modify their clipper. Do not try to repair the device yourself. Trying to repair yourself or disassemble this product can result in injuries, shocks and fires. Instead of repairing yourself you should contact the manufacturer. Also, not using it is 230V AC power supplies can cause fires or electric shocks.  While you are getting the AC adaptor out from the socket of the wall always grasp the AC adaptor instead of the electric cord.

4. You should keep the Panasonic beard trimmer in a safe place. It should not be near ovens, stoves or other materials that produces heat. It should also not be placed in sunlight. Keep it safely away from heaters and so on.

5. There are many people out there to charge in their beard trimmer and forget about it. It does not happen with mobile phones because you keep using it to check social networking sites to call someone or send a message. While you do not need the beard trimmer during other times except for during trimming sessions, you can plug it in and forget about it. It will damage the battery and shorten the life of your beard trimmer.

6. Do not forget that before using it every time, the user has to add oil on the blades.

7. Inside the package, you will find the cleaning brush which you can use to maintain your beard trimmer.

8. Make sure that you check the height indication before mounting the attachment properly for the cutting height of your choice.

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