Philips Norelco BT1200:42 Beard Trimmer Series 1200

Philips Norelco BT1200/42 Beard Trimmer Series 1200 Review 


Philips Norelco is famous for manufacturing excellent beard trimmers and men loves them. The beard trimmers are popular worldwide and if when you ask men about what kind of trimmer they want to buy, most of them will say Philips name. It is different from many other brands because it comes with special features such as built-in vacuum system, turbo boost button and emergency charging. You might think that other companies also have these but Philips also has an eye appealing design while comprising of those features. If those models are being expensive for you and you have a small budget, you can pick this one.  You can get the service and superiority of Philips at a less price.

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It is big in size compared to many other beard trimmers in the market. The attachments are black in color and the device is a mixture of black, grey and silver. There is a small button at the bottom to let you know if it is charging. The color is silver chrome. It is a rechargeable beard trimmer that will work with full power for 45 minutes. Do not use it in the shower or with shaving lotions, gels and creams because it supports dry technology only. In the box, you will find 3 fixed combs, full metal guard blade, charger, one adjustable comb, lubricating oil and cleaning brush. It is used for mustache and beard.

Philips Norelco BT1200:42 Beard Trimmer Series 1200
Philips Norelco BT1200:42 Beard Trimmer Series 1200

It cannot self-clean so you have to take extra care of the device. The blades are self-sharpening though so you do not have to worry about their strength or sharpness. The design is ergonomic which makes it easy to hold and slide over your face. The best part is that you can get any look you want with the usage of this gadget. It runs on a nickel-metal hydride battery so the charging time is slightly more than other devices. It is eight hours.

The maximum length for cutting is 7 millimeters and the minimum is 1.5 millimeters. There are nine different settings. It is only for men. It is suitable for sensitive skin. If you experienced skin redness or irritation before, it is time to try this. The blades are skin-friendly which makes it easy to shape them any way you like. It is a noiseless product so you can groom yourself without bothering others in the house. It works fast and quick which shortens the duration of the trimming session. In that way, you can save lots of time and effort. The result will always be a smooth shave.

The light will only tell you if you are charging it but not if the battery is full or not. It also does not come with a pouch or bag so you have keep the accessories safely or else you will lose them. The heads are washable other than that, ensure that the device does not come in contact with water. It is reasonable so you can buy this as it offers a noiseless application and a precise shave.

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