Remington The Perfecter MB 4900

Remington The Perfecter MB 4900 Review


As you can tell from its name that it is going to let you have perfect facial hair with ease and precision. It will be ranked as one of the best beard trimmers soon because of its feature, structure and mechanism.

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The beard trimmer does not only look stunning it works tremendously well. It is made from stainless steel T-blade and metal trimming head, to the rubber handle. Each part of the device comes out of first-class supplies.

Remington The Perfecter MB 4900
Remington The Perfecter MB 4900

Superior quality blade is the chief factor that is going to sharpen your appearance by creating clean and crispy ends with just a single move.

If you are tired of looking at all the specifications of beard trimmers online and find them to be for “dry shaving” and get disappointed, then this is perfect for you. It is fully waterproof and you can continue with your grooming session in the shower. When a beard trimmer is that much solid against contact with water, you should know that maintenance becomes easy.

You will get the foil shaver which is absent in many beard trimmers of high price and from repudiated companies. That foil shaver is important when you want to get the style you desire. Also, it straightens up your jawline and neck making you look clean and fabulous. If the jawline is untidy, you will look messy.

The Lithium-Ion battery guarantees that the user will never run out of power. It has a operation time of not just 40 minutes or 60 minutes but 5 hours! That means you do not have to charge for a year if you charge it once fully.


• Perfect trimmer for stubble, goatee, moustache detailing and full beard with the precision metal comb.

• T Blade trimming head crafted out of stainless steel safeguards a hard-clean trim.

• Five guide combs, with ranges between one-eight inches to half inches which is 3 mm to 12 mm.

• Easy dial adjusts before usage

• For clearing up the neck and jawline, attach the foil shaver add-on for smooth and fast shaving outcomes.

• You can extend the duration of grooming time as much as you want because the operation time is 5 hours.

• Emergency charging lets you use it if you did not remember to charge it

• Light weight but solid and easy to handle


There are no cons of this product but some users say that the beard trimmer shut down even after they charged it according to the manual. Those are probably isolated cases where they ended up with the wrong or fake product from some other seller or something similar. The reason is unknown and only the company can tell us why those users faced this issues. Other than that, it is excellent and it deserves a place in the “Top 10 beard trimmers”

Product warranty

You can get your money back within 60 days and the guarantee is for 2 years.

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